Tiger (2018)

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  Release Date: Nov 02, 2018
  MPAA Ratings: PG-13
  Genre: Drama
  Runtime: 100 min
  Country: Canada, United States
  Language: English


A boxer is banned by the commission for refusing to back down from his beliefs. Through racial profiling and stereotypical threats, he does what any strong American would do, fight back. As a consequence, his legacy will be forever tied to his two biggest battles: one in the courtroom, the other in the ring.

Tiger, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Also Known As:

  Director: Alister Grierson
  Writer: Michael Pugliese, Prem Singh
  StarCast: A.J. Merrifield, Albert J. Merrifield, Alphaeus Green Jr., Amanda, Andy Flinchum, Angela Coburn, Anisha Singh, Anita Farmer Bergman, Anthony, Anthony Eikner, Brad Sherman, Bradley Booth, Brandon Kappen, Brian Girton, Brian Seltzer, Carly Tamborski, Carynne Heinmiller, Charles Poole, Daniel R. Hill, David Pittinger, Dylan Keith Adams, Emerson Elias, Frank J. Aard, Garey Faulkner, Gary Maloney, Greg Fuller, Harry McCane, J.C. Reedy, Jack Norman, Jacob Grodnik, Janel Parrish, Jay Willick, Jerry Gallagher, John E. Brownlee, Joshua Kane Kilgore, JT Thigpen, Juliane Collins, Julie Daley, Justin Sudar, Kat Pérez, Kellen Boyle, Kelly Rist, Kelly Saunders Childs, Kenneth King, Kevin E. Murphy, Kevin W. Shiveley, Kevin W. Shiveley II, Kristen Heinmiller, Kyle Block, Lon Nease, Mark Angel, Marshall Manesh, Matt Dreyer, Matt Hudson, Matthew Legner, Meka Butler, Michael 'Mick' Harrity, Michael Compton, Michael King, Michael Laurianti, Michael Lee Bailey, Michael Pugliese, Michelle Dobrozsi, Michelle Poole, Mickey Rourke, Mike Dennis, Myra Zimmerman Grubbs, Nicholas Palacio, Nick Pirrmann, Olivia Wallace, Pepper Sweeney, Prem Singh, Reid Carpenter, Richard Hagerman, Richard Ribalas, Rj Bryant, Robert Gerding, Roman Jossart, Ronnie Webb, Ross Roelecke, Sean Ramey, Sharon Murray, Shaun Kremer, Shawn Stidham, Sherrick O'Quinn, Shuo Chen, Siggy Sigmon, Steve Bishop, Steve Hoy, Steve Koller, Steven Schraub, Steven Terry Walker, Theresa Sutera, Tracey de Leon, Tyler Beaty, Vi Phan, Vince Hobart Smith, William Cross, William Willet
  Producer: Ali Jazayeri, Eric Fischer, Howard Nash, Jeff Maynard, Jenni Gold, Mitchell Welch, Robert Kwartler, Rocco Pugliese
  Company: Gold Pictures, R3M Pictures, R3M Productions, Running Tiger Films, Starrunner Entertainment

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